Better VPS Servers coming to SiteGround


Better VPS Servers coming to SiteGround

SiteGround are to launch new Cloud Hosting product featuring KVM virtualization technique, latest Kernel and OS versions and entirely new API system.

Editor's Note: SiteGround has improved their service even more with their new auto-scalable cloud.

SiteGround are improving their VPS offerings.  Some of the changes have already been implemented, such as more RAM, but it will be interested to see how they implement the KVM virtualization technique, enhanced by distributed block building via software such as StorPool.

We will set out their blog post showcasing the upcoming features in full below, but we thought it would be useful just to comment on the two main technical features such as KVM based VPS, and StorPool, so you can get a greater understanding of perhaps what it means.

The three types of VPS Platforms:

  • OpenVZ: OpenVZ is container-based virtualization platform for Linux. Being one of the today's most popular virtualization platforms, OpenVZ provides users with speed and scalability at an affordable price.  These are often oversold, so are popular with many hosting providers, and often associated with budget lower quality VPS.
  • XEN: Xen is a robust, secure, high-performance type 1 bare-metal hypervisor, or a virtual machine monitor (VMM). Xen can securely execute multiple virtual machines, each running its OS on a single physical system, with close-to-native performance, and has for a long time been the signature of a quality VPS.  With overselling memory impossible, you can be assured that you get what you pay for as resources are guaranteed.
  • KVM: KVM represents a full hardware virtualization platform with loadable kernel modules, giving users the freedom to run a range of Linux distros with any kernel. Each virtual machine has private virtualized hardware including network card, disk and graphics adapter, and with no possibility of overselling, so resources are guaranteed.  KVM is the up and comer of the Virtualization world, and in due course with Xen support removed by default on Enterprise Linux, will be the standard platform for those offering quality VPS hosting.


StorPool is a technology that helps build a shared storage pool out of standard drives in web hosting servers.  It can be likened to Amazon Storage for your cloud storage.  The benefit of StorPool is that is aggregates the performance and capacity of all the hard drives into its own storage pool.  You can learn more about it in the video below:

SiteGround's VPS Update

SiteGround has historically (since 2005) always relied on third party providers for their VPS \ Cloud technology meaning that sometimes issues have arisen that have been outside of their control. Wanting to change this, SiteGround have been working on their cloud platform for the last six months culminating in its recent launch.

SiteGround explained in full why they decided to build the Cloud Platform themselves:

The main reason to start working on our own virtualization platform is that with all third party solutions we have used; there have been reoccurring issues we were not able to resolve.

Some examples are: delays in problems resolution due to other people are in charge of the software; prolonged provisioning time issues causing new cloud users to wait for hours to get their instance; and more. 

That is why we have decided that it was high time to extend our handmade philosophy to the cloud platform and gain full control over the software used for this service, as we already did for our shared and dedicated servers.

SiteGround will be provisioning all new Cloud Instances immediately on the new platform featuring the new technology, namely: KVM virtualization technique, latest Kernel and OS versions and entirely new API system, which will allow them to troubleshoot problems faster.

Any existing Cloud Accounts in either their US or European data centers will be moved to the new platform over the next few weeks. The migration will be seamless as all current IP addresses will be kept ensuring that no DNS changing are required.

In addition to the migration to the new Cloud Platform all existing accounts will have their RAM doubled, except for their Cloud 4 plan that goes from 4GB to 6GB. According to SiteGround:

The upgrades we are implementing are significant and costly, but their effect will be felt immediately by our cloud customers regarding improved performance of their clouds. Our calculations show that our cloud 1 (boosted from 1GB to 2GB of RAM) would perform 3.5x faster than before, just because of that upgrade.

One other benefit of the new platform is that new cloud instances are now provisioned in under a minute.

In addition to all the changes, SiteGround set out their vision for the future:

The changes going live today are just the beginning. We have envisioned some of the craziest things we’ve ever done to come toward our cloud Users way in the near future too. I will not go into too much detail on that to avoid spoiling all the surprises for you, but here are some of the perks:

1. Highly resilient, ultra high performing distributed block storage build with the help of the innovative software by StorPool. We’re already in advance testing phase of this storage solution and we’re amazed by its potential.

2. New, developed by SiteGround virtual environment, far more efficient than anything else to date

3. 2 seconds provisioning time

4. Instant rebootless scalability

To read more about their VPS plans, you can check out our SiteGround Cloud Review here.

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