TMDHosting Becomes Exclusive Web Hosting Partner to SocialEngine


TMDHosting Becomes Exclusive Web Hosting Partner to SocialEngine

TMDHosting announced that it has become the official and exclusive web hosting partner to the popular social networking platform, SocialEngine.

Last week TMDHosting announced that it had become the official and exclusive web hosting partner to the popular social networking platform, SocialEngine. TMDHosting has also launched specially configured servers for SocialEngine Users for increased performance.

In the announcement, TMDHosting indicated that they had teamed up with SocialEngine a few months ago, and have since been tailoring a web hosting package to meet all requirements of the software, as well as with performance enhancements in mind:

Our goal was to bring blazing fast page load time for each SocialEngine website hosted on our servers. We achieved it by combining the latest and greatest technologies on the market.

Also, the TMDHosting support team has been certified by SocialEngine for their extensive knowledge of the product, including troubleshooting issues.


SocialEngine is a social network platform that allows the creation of online communities. You can see various demos of the platform here. We have included a quick 30-second walk-through of one of those demos below:

Some of the uses for SocialEngine include:

  • Create a special interest group — Essentially, a social network for you and others who share your interests.
  • Startups & Businesses — Create a community for your customers to allow them to support each other, provide feedback and rally around your product or service.
  • Organizations — Build a private network for your employees or members of your community
  • Brands & Fans — Develop a community for your brand.

The New TMDHosting SocialEngine Hosting Plans

The new hosting plans are slightly different to their traditional hosting. Presumably due to the extra features (i.e. RAM caching) they are charging slightly more, which is understandable. That being said, you can still get hosting from just $3.85 per month for just one domain.

If you want unlimited domains, then you will need their "Business Plan". If you need a Wildcard SSL, then you can purchase their "Professional Plan".

Official SocialEngine Hosting Provider

SSD Hosting

The new hosting packages are based on SSD storage for fast load times, as well enhanced caching technology.


Each new SocialEngine hosting plan will use Facebook's FlashCache Technology. FlashCache is a technology first created in 2010 by Facebook, which uses temporary storage on NAND flash memory (a type of non-volatile storage that does not require power to retain data) which enables requests for data to be fulfilled with greater speed. You can see a summary of the benefits in the following diagram (noting that the SSD storage would bring additional advantages):


RAM Based Caching

Also, there will be two types of memory based caching available; APCu and Memcached. APC can be enabled with a single click, but is limited to earlier versions of PHP (PHP 5.4 max). Alternatively you can choose Memcached, which use 256MB instances. TMDHosting said:

We provide 256MB Memcached instances, out of the box, which is roughly four times than the industry average (if, at all) by other providers on the market. This brings unbelievably great performance to the stage, as well.

Final Thoughts

This is a great move by TMDHosting. Creating advanced server configurations not only give great service to their customers by offering better performance, but it shows they are willing to adapt and develop strategic alliances with other companies to do so.

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