SiteGround Publishes its 2015 Annual Satisfaction Survey


SiteGround Publishes its 2015 Annual Satisfaction Survey

The 2015 2015 Annual Satisfaction Survey shows that SiteGround have achieved great customer satisfaction in all areas, despite growing their company further.

The year of 2015 has been a big one for SiteGround, as they acquired many new clients, doubling the number of customers they signed up for their service. The rapid growth meant they had to seize several new business opportunities, with the high growth proving a significant challenge for SiteGround management.

To ensure they stayed focused on their customers and the quality of their service (and something they do every year) SiteGround conducted their annual satisfaction survey.

SiteGround Annual Satisfaction Survey Results 2015

They have asked all their clients a variety of questions, related to support, security and uptime, and the clients’ verdict has come in. Above 95 percent of SiteGround clients are happy with their Service.

SiteGround Satisfaction 2015

Increased Number of Clients Perceive Them As Innovative and Technologically Advanced

Another positive result from the 2015 client survey is the number of customers who value all the technical features at SiteGround. SiteGround’s mission is always to develop and improve their service; this includes new hardware, software and investing new smart tools and work on continually enhancing the level of support they provide.

Many clients of SiteGround recognized the level of expertise provided to the software they host on their servers, giving very positive feedback.

SiteGround Innovative

You can check out all the SiteGround news we have covered here about some of the technological improvements they have made to their Platform in 2015, including:

More Than 60 percent Of New Clients Have Been Referred By Existing Ones

The referral rates from existing SiteGround customers to new ones were at only 30 percent last year — now that figure has expanded to 60 percent. This increased means that 60 percent of SiteGround customers have said they heard about SiteGround from a friend whose recommendation influenced their choice.

The Number of WordPress Users Is Increasing

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS worldwide, and SiteGround has remained a top hosting choice for WordPress users. More than half of the new clients coming to SiteGround are WordPress users.

56 percent Of SiteGround Clients Want To Increase Their Skill In website Management

Now that SiteGround knows that their customers want to increase their level of skill in managing websites, they have taken onboard that the servers and hosting servers can be challenging at times. So, they are going to introduce more webinars, online courses, and tutorials for their customers so that they can build upon their diverse range of skills.

Record Response Rate To The Client Survey

This year the SiteGround client survey has been better than ever: customers clearly want to get their voices heard and also want to be involved in SiteGround and improve it going inton2016.

Comparison With The 2014 Survey

SiteGround 2014 Satisfaction The 2015 SiteGround client satisfaction survey built on the achievements of the 2014 survey, which showed the highest satisfaction rates on record, and showed that SiteGround customers valued the support and new technologies they were receiving from the company.

Overall in 2014, the number of satisfied customers in each area grew also, showing that the satisfaction was across the board and not just within one section of the company.

The challenge for SiteGround in 2015 then was to keep the same incredible levels of customer satisfaction even though since 2014 the company has grown exponentially.

The 2015 client survey shows that not only have these level of customer satisfaction remained at least as good as in 2014, but there are now more customers recommending SiteGround than ever before, and more customers wanting to learn more about the technicalities of web hosting.

In light of the growth in the company, these satisfaction ratings are impressive, and the year 2016 is probably going to be just as exciting, as the company branches out more and also respond to the customer feedback.

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