A Look At SiteGround's Unique Way To Recruit The Best Talent


A Look At SiteGround's Unique Way To Recruit The Best Talent

This article takes a look at how they manage to attract the best staff with their unique fun atmosphere, and diverse recruitment practices.

Over the years since its founding on the 22nd March 2004, SiteGround has grown exponentially and seen their employee count rise from only a few people to now more than 300 employees. This article takes a look at how they manage to attract the best staff with their unique fun atmosphere, and diverse recruitment practices.

Although they have already significantly grown their team, SiteGround recently decided that due to their business growing again throughout 2016, they needed to bring more people in to cope with the workload. The year of 2015 was a year of new developments and functionalities at SiteGround, changes that we covered in our roundup of their 2015 developments.

SiteGround 2015 Growth

They also decided that they needed a diverse range of people working for them: not just computer specialists, but people with all sorts of skills. So, they decided to launch a new campaign and encourage people from a range of backgrounds to apply to work for them.

SiteGround's 2016 Recruitment Campaign

They decided to run a campaign for the recruitment which was more personal than the adverts a lot of big companies use: they wanted to show people the faces behind the pixels, and so they are featuring the faces of several SiteGround employees, to showcase the people who make SiteGround services happen.

All the adverts feature people from the SiteGround Customer Care and Tech Support teams, and each of them expresses the spirit of the corporation in their own unique way. This was as an alternative to the techniques many companies use, of hiring models for photo shoots, or even using stock photography instead of real, individual people.

Many of the people chosen have skill sets which are not the typical experiences in IT — and many of them are also writers, fashionistas, travelers, and musicians. Many have begun their SiteGround career in Customer Care and risen impressively to become some of the top performers in the Tech Support team after only one year working for the company.

As a fun touch, the company decided to buy a variety of temporary tattoos, which were of words such as "geek", "troublemaker" and "hard work never hurt"; the employees all chose the ones they most associated with their role and experience at SiteGround and were then put in front of a camera and allowed to be themselves. Here is one of the recruitment campaign pictures that resulted from this photo shoot:

SiteGround Customer Care

What Is It Like To Work At SiteGround?

The SiteGround team has grown with the company and the customers it serves, but it still retains a friendly atmosphere, shown by its own Tumblr, called When You Work At SiteGround, which is an amusing archive of images put together by SiteGround employees, and also its regular updates on employee activities.

In a blog post on the SiteGround website, the company let readers in on what it's like to work for this web hosting company, and they came up with:

  • SiteGround is truly geeky: The company might be expected to be rather geeky, but here it turns out one SiteGround employee was heard talking about how he was "making his kitchen light bulb controlled through his smartphone." But, after all, who is better qualified to make the server performance optimizations that millions of people use every day?
  • SiteGround thinks Support people are heroes: The company praised its Support Team, and their manager said of the work the team does, that it meant being "a Batman", and continued, "there are no laid trails that you can just follow; instead you should be ready to go beyond what is obvious to find the best solution to the reported problem." New SiteGround Office
  • People enjoy working at SiteGround: At a recent conference held by SiteGround employees, one of them gave a talk entitled "Why I Do Not Want To Work At Google", and the answer was simply "because I already work at SiteGround and I really like it!" The employee cited the great office and the collection of inspiring people working at the company.
  • SiteGround has great offices: The SiteGround offices are modern, colorful and comfortable, and they are opening new offices all the time. Their latest office was opened in Stara Zagora, and in a post about the new office, we took a look at its impressive interior design.
  • SiteGround has Parties: For their birthday, celebrated in March every year, the company has a party for all its employees — reportedly only one opportunity they take for a party. Some of the pictures from their birthday party show how employees at this growing web hosting company can also have fun.

SiteGround Birthday Party

How To Work For SiteGround

To work at SiteGround, all you need to do is go to the Careers Page on the SiteGround website and take a look at the variety of open positions. This page also shows you which country the employment opportunities are in, and the city you would be working in. The company has a variety of positions available in many different countries, and they welcome speakers of different languages too.

The 2016 recruitment advertising marks SiteGround out as having a more personal approach to the process of finding the best people for their company. It is also a more accessible and fun approach for the many people who are interesting in working in the technology industry, but who don't come from specialist IT backgrounds, and who think they might not have enough relevant experience.

It will be interesting to see what happens at SiteGround throughout 2016, but it is clear that the company will be expanding its list of employees, and the range of backgrounds and skill sets which those employees cover between them.

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