CPanel Preferences Tutorials

The cPanel Preferences Panel provides tools to manage your cPanel account preferences, including updating your password, language, or contact information. In addition, you can change the style of your cPanel interface, and add sub-users to your account.

cPanel Preferences Panel
cPanel Preferences Panel CREDIT: THE WEBMASTER

The Advanced Panel contains the following features:


Password & Security

The Password & Security feature allows you to update your cPanel account password. It can help you choose a strong password with a strength indication or even generate one for you.

See the following tutorials:

  • How to change your cPanel account password (Coming Soon)

Change Language

The Change Language feature allows you to change the language displayed in your cPanel interface.

See the following tutorials:

  • How to change the cPanel interface language (Coming Soon)

Change Style

The Change Style feature allows you to choose a theme for your cPanel interface. The default themes include Basic, Dark, Light, and retro.

See the following tutorials:

  • How to change your cPanel theme or interface style (Coming Soon)

Contact Information

The Contact Information feature allows you to specify an email to receive cPanel account notifications, such as warnings or password reset confirmations. You can also configure which notifications to receive.

See the following tutorials:

  • How to edit your contact notification email and preferences in cPanel (Coming Soon)

User Manager

The User Manager allows you to create sub-accounts. These will enable a user to use the same login and password information for email, FTP, and Web disk services. This feature does not allow users to log in to the cPanel account admin and only provides FTP, Web Disk, and Webmail access.

See the following tutorials:

  • How to create a sub-account in cPanel (Coming Soon)