CPanel Security Tutorials

The cPanel Security Panel provides tools to manage and install SSL certificates, block IP addresses, setup SSH access, and more.

cPanel Security Panel
cPanel Security Panel CREDIT: THE WEBMASTER

The Advanced Panel contains the following features:


SSH Access

The SSH Access feature details information about how to connect to your web server using the SSH (secure shell) network protocol. To log in via SSH you will need a public and private SSH Key, which are used during the login process.

See the following tutorials:

  • How to create an SSH key in cPanel (Coming Soon)
  • How to import an SSH key into cPanel (Coming Soon)

IP Blocker

The IP Blocker feature allows you to block a single or range of IP address to prevent them access your website or server.

See the following tutorials:

  • How to block an IP address in cPanel (Coming Soon)


The SSL/TLS feature in cPanel allows you to manage or generate CSRs, Certificates (CRT), and private keys. These are used when implementing an SSL certificate on your domain. The feature also allows you to install and manage your SSL certificates.

See the following tutorials:

  • How to install an AutoSSL certificate on a domain in cPanel (Coming Soon)

Manage API Tokens

This feature lets you create and manage API tokens for cPanel API 2 and UAPI.

Leech Protection

The Leech Protection feature works with the Directory Privacy feature. It detects and blocks unusual activity by setting a maximum number of logins within a two-hour period. The feature can send you a notification if this happens, and even disable the compromised accounts.

See the following tutorials:

  • How to use Leech Protection to protect your passworded directories (Coming Soon)

SSL/TLS Status

The features in this interface allow you to generate and manage SSL certificates, signing requests, and keys. These are required to allow your site to use the HTTPS protocol.

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  • How to use the SSL/TSL Status feature in the cPanel (Coming Soon)
  • How to use install an SSL certificate in cPanel using the SSL/TLS Status feature (Coming Soon)