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Overall Rating: 5.20

Support: 3.67

Speed: 5.44

Features: 6.11

Uptime: 5.67

Value: 5.11

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“Despite looking reasonable on paper, as a brand they have difficulty shrugging off the fact that it is owned by EIG.

After the Arvixe migration debacle, another brand owned by EIG, many of the EIG brands suffered significant problems with their service throughout 2016 and 2017. The jury is still out. "

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Users Reviews (Rated 5.20 / 10)

The user ratings to the right reflect the total rating score of all 6 Shared Hosting Reviews left by our readers.

Overall: 6.03

Support: 4.50

Speed: 6.33

Features: 7.33

Uptime: 6.33

Value: 5.67

Date: February 14, 2018
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting
Platform: WordPress

User Rating: 6.40

Fails a lot. In each task, at the end, need to contact support. Slow with a very very simple wordpress.. The good thing: can pay monthly, have a lot of components and services, I can program some agents with compilers like java.
Date: January 19, 2016
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 3.00

I started using hostgator just over a year ago and in the beginning they seemed okay but this might be because I did not have any support issues. I recently purchased a domain a nice easy to remember 4 letter domain at an expired domain auction and got an excellent deal on it. So now I made a site with it two months ago on the hostgator’s baby plan and the email is not sending. The email receives but does not send. I made a support ticket and waited with no response for two days, so I then called and after waiting for 20 minutes I ended up on a 45 minute call with nothing resolved and the lady said she would open a ticket to a supervisor.

I went back after waiting another two days to check the ticket or tickets because I did open one prior to the call and they are not there. I opened another ticket 4 days ago and still nothing. I’ll be moving my site in the next couple days as this is just as lousy a service to be found in my opinion. Who cares about a few extra features if after 10 days I have no support.

My site is the kind of site that could have 100,000 or more visits per month once I begin to market it and I know I’ll need a dedicated server for this. In the beginning of starting up though having these support issues I would never use hostgator again. I have done no marketing yet because the site is 90% done yet I already have several hundred members I can’t communicate with to up grade their service or welcome them aboard. WTH!

I looked around to see all hosting companies owned by this EIG and will stay away from them all.

Date: June 24, 2015
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 4.00

I originally went with Hostgator because they are one of the few hosts that allow adult content. Nothing major, just full frontal art. I have had a few problems with Hostgator. 1. If you use too much email then your hosting can be shut down until you resolve it by waiting out a timeout period. 2. SSL certificate installation was bad. It took them far to long to get working. 3. Because of dropped SSH I keep getting logged out of the account and it can take DAYS for them to sort it out. Their support is intolerable.
Date: May 17, 2015
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 8.00

Overall Hostgator is okay as a host, especially if you have a small site, or you need a bunch of mini-sites as you can have an unlimited number of websites. One thing to note, that if you have too many sites on a single plan it will slow down your sites a little.

The shared hosting seems overloaded, and as such sometimes runs much slower especially if you have a dynamic website such as WordPress.

Other than that the support is ok, and features are decent. So if you just have a small site then Hostgator may be ok for you.

Date: November 6, 2014
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 6.00

Oh how I hate to love you. There have been many moments in our time together when you have disappointed me. But in the end, you are one of the best solutions for my needs.

As a hosting service, I would say they have far exceeded my expectations. I truly believe they have some of the best services and options on the market. I literally have not experienced a downtime (that I noticed) in my 2 years of using them as a hosting service. They give me pretty good support whenever I need it. I did have a couple of tickets go unanswered but it looks as if they were having a bad week at that time.

The biggest issue I have with them is the fact that they have been double billing me for months on end. Literally, every month I have to fix a billing issue. Now, this probably wouldn’t be a problem had I paid for an annual subscription, so most people probably wont experience this issue. But I have yet to figure out how to get them to fix it permanently.

Other than that one issue, I have literally had an almost perfect experience with them. They literally do everything I need in a hosting service, they have excellent Wordpress support and they tend to offer me the latest promotions whenever I ask. The only issue is the billing one. However, once I give customer support a call, they fix it right away. So I am not sure I would consider it a huge problem, just a pretty big inconvenience.

However, their service is top notch and I am not willing to give that up for the billing issues. Unfortunately or fortunately, there are not many better options on the market, so I am sticking with them for sure.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for a great hosting provider, you are looking at the right place. Now, you may have to deal with some billing issues here and there because I heard that I am not the only one. However, if you can deal with that, you are making the right choice. For me, my business being up and running is more important than having to give up 10-15 minutes on my weekend to fix billing issues. Still, I wish they would make a more concerned effort to get it fixed permanently.

Date: January 12, 2014
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 7.00

They are definitely is a good hosting company. The fact that they are powered by wind power is just awesome as well. As my website is about alternative energy, living in harmony with nature and all things related to that, I wouldn’t use a hosting company that wouldn’t not be powered by wind turbines or another environment friendly energy source.

The user ratings to the right reflect the total rating score of all 1 Cloud Hosting Reviews left by our readers.

Overall: 6.00

Support: 3.00

Speed: 6.00

Features: 6.00

Uptime: 8.00

Value: 7.00

Date: January 17, 2018
Hosting Type: Cloud Hosting
Platform: WordPress

User Rating: 6.00

The webhost was cheap, but abit slow. The support was not so good. But its pricing was reasonable.

The user ratings to the right reflect the total rating score of all 1 Reseller Hosting Reviews left by our readers.

Overall: 3.60

Support: 2.00

Speed: 4.00

Features: 4.00

Uptime: 4.00

Value: 4.00

Date: May 19, 2014
Hosting Type: Reseller Hosting

User Rating: 3.00

Their support has truly suffered! It is not just how things are handled when things are moving along swimmingly, but how problems are resolved – or not!

I have had a HostGator Reseller account for over 5 years. Their support is now well … appalling. More than Twelve Hours after reporting an outage – which went on for 2-3 hours minimum middle of the night – still no response!

Over an HOUR after submitting another ticket (to their escalation support email address) did I receive a canned response telling me that they NOW (after problem resolved) could not find a problem! Duh!

My problem was that DURING THE OUTAGE both their telephone support (on hold for over an hour) and their Chat Support (non-reachable) was USELESS!

My complaint in 2nd ticket was that THERE WAS NO RESPONSE FROM SUPPORT!

Definitely gone downhill!

The user ratings to the right reflect the total rating score of all 1 Dedicated Hosting Reviews left by our readers.

Overall: 1.00

Support: 1.00

Speed: 1.00

Features: 1.00

Uptime: 1.00

Value: 1.00

Date: May 9, 2017
Hosting Type: Dedicated Hosting

User Rating: 1.00

Horrible support and getting worse!

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